Tournament Wallball

Tournaments are the perfect way to take wallball to the next level in your area. Whether you are a school teacher, parent, or player, this page has easy step by step instructions on how to organize your own wallball tournament in your area.

If you would like to organize a tournament it is highly recommended that you order the book Wallball: Fundamentals and Official Rules by Ammon Service and Ashton Service. This is a carefully written and edited book about the sport of wallball that children ages 8 and up can read and enjoy. In addition it contains the official NWA rulebook in the back as well as tournament organization charts and helps. This book should be in every school library.

1. Read and study the game of wallball to fully familiarize yourself with the rules and practices.

2. Meet with school leaders to obtain permission to hold a tournament on school property.

3. Contact local businesses to sponsor the even by providing snacks and prizes to the participants and winners.

4. Contact us here at the NWA to see if we have the ability to come to your school to present the sport of wallball to your student body in an assembly.

5. Create a sign up sheet and make copies that the children can take home the day of the assembly. Have the teachers in each classroom send each child home with a sign up sheet.

6. Once all of the sign up sheets have come back, organize the tournament order using the sheets in the back of the book Wallball: Fundamentals and Official Rules.

7. Recruit several adults and older children to act as tournament officials and ensure they know the rules and their role as an official. The book Wallball: Fundamentals and Official Rules identifies all of the positions needed for a successful tournament.

8. Collect the prizes and snacks from the local businesses.

9. Ensure the wallball court has stripes painted according to official rules and meets all other standards (this is easy to do and the NWA will often paint the stripes for free if possible).

10. Hold the tournament on the planned day and have a great time!